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Microphone Terrorist - Cease Loco

The Introduction Of Crown Republik’s Cease Loco aka JohnyOhh Hailing from
Columbus Ohio, raised in Sin City (Las Vegas, NV) and reppin for the West Coast Cease Loco aka JohnyOh aka your favorite emcees favorite emcee has been going hard on the mic since his late teens when he decided to take his hobby of freestyling with his close associates a bit more serious. Since then he has wrecked countless stages west of the Mississippi.

Working with local artist in the hot bed of Sin City he has honed his skills competing with some of the best rhyme slingers the city has to offer which has helped him craft his unique approach to

He is presently
residing in Phoenix AZ where he has been quietly focusing on his solo projects while
remaining active in the studio. His dedication to the art can be heard from first listen to any verse put down as he attempts to stretch the boundaries outside of the A typical subject matter that is so prevelant in todays rap, while still maintaining the ability to remain in the same lane as his rap counterparts.


1. What’s good sir? Thank you for sitting down with us today. Let’s start this interview by asking how you got your artist name? Cease Loco? What does it mean? 
Well it’s been my nickname since I was a youngin... my big cuzzo Blacc dubbed me that per my first name which will remain a trade secret for now... but I personally use it as in I will Cease to exist you on the mic with these barz or as in De’ceased...

2. So how long have you been signed to Crown Republik Ent/Crown Music? And how did you and Ran Blacc meet?
Since the beginning, just always been in the shadows by choice... on my ninja ish... and me and Blacc are family family... so since the beginning to the second part of that question... but we really been running together like 1 and 2 since around 11 12.

3. I know you have a mixtape releasing soon, Is it titled yet and what exactly should we be expecting to hear? 
Yes the mixtape will be dropping pretty soon... don’t have an exact date yet... but as far as title... it will be called
collected scars... as to a great degree that’s what my raps are... an
accumulation of the scars I carry and place on the page to try to process if you will.as for expectations... well the listener should expect first and foremost so real hip hop that is subject heavy..
that range across the spectrum in terms of content...

I try to stay on topic and I feel the songs on the mixtape do that fairly well... while exhibiting the ability to also display different styles in terms of what and how I’m delivering the material...

4. Can you give us a brief 
explanation of your style? And any influences that made a difference in ur artistic craft? 
Biggest influence which you might find odd tbh would be Tupac for his ability to cross boundaries with his music and subject matter and his ability to express his
emotions so well... dude isn’t even on Rushmore... he’s in a league of his own like Tom Hanks lol... other huge influences to my art and style would have to be the 18th Letter of course...
pharaoh monch... e40... Cube... as far as style... I would call it formless form... I try not to limit myself in terms of how i pattern the flows... I’m not with being boxed in... if anything you could classify it as a more traditional approach to rhyme.

Cease Loco

Cease Loco
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