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Yung CAF

Dionta Sullivan, better known to the world as Yung CAF is an American Rap/Pop artist from Dallas, Texas now residing in Atlanta Georgia. CAF which simply means Cool As Fuck earned his coolness by being a solid yung outcast in a circle of hard heads, always able to get a laugh out of someone and being there for anyone. Yung Caf started taking his music career serious when fellow Rap artist Philly Redface put him in his first music video and eventually in a rap group called The Formula Gang. With his energetic performances and upbeat songs, Yung Caf discovered his true artistry and gained a passion for music as a universal culture and now plans to make it beyond the top. As one of the leading artist in his group, Yung Caf landed himself on 5 of the groups hottest albums including "Wanted More" with over 12k streams in its first week of being released on their latest project "Come Alive" available on every music platform.

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