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What’s After The Release Interview w/ Ran Blacc & XI da MC

Welcome back guys! Ran Blacc, let’s start this interview with a few informational questions about the project if you don’t mind. Q: The Brotherhood Project, Is it possible for you to tell me how the name came about? Ran Blacc: Id like to say it was XI da’ MC’s first idea. We had been driving back from San Diego and I’m not sure exactly how it came up but we had come across a conversation about doing a joint project. A few days later little bros sent me a picture of us together and it said The Brotherhood Project... and from there I ran with it! Q: What exactly does “The Brotherhood Project” mean? Ran Blacc: It’s a lot deeper then just music and entertainment. It’s deeper then just me and XI. It’s truly a movement, locally, nationally and world wide. It’s the fundamental essence of togetherness, not blackness nor bromance. When titling the project we thought about reaching every race, every genre of music lover, women, children and men. We focused on trying to create something that empowered ALL people. XI da’ MC: It might sound odd but big bros took it a lot further then I had ever dream of. When I brought it to his attention, I was merely speaking of the project title. Ran Blacc has taken it sooo much further then what I first imagined. Bros has even taught me more about the symbolism and depth behind what the Brotherhood could truly stand for. Q: Was that the purpose of the project? What I’m trying to say is, was that what you set out to do once you guys started writing the project? XI da’ MC: Hmmm naw, I think we were just trying to find the lane at first. As Musical Director of Crown Republik Ent. I had a few instrumental that we had received from a couple producers we work with and we first sat down with the idea of the project nothing more. This is where big bros is a monster with what he does. After recording a few songs and having a quote unquote play list of 4 or 5 songs, big bros started to envision and create this HIP HOP & B lane. From there the project grew wings and started to fly. Ran Blacc: Growth, to be honest. The project grew, the development of the project grew, the depth of the content grew and lastly WE grew and matured as men. It was really all just the process of growth. Q: So let’s dive into the project. I’d like for you both to answer this one. What are some of your favor tracks from the project? Ran Blacc: I think I would say Dream Girl, She Gives Me Life and Mad are probably my favorites but I truly love the project as a whole. I believe every track is a single and we’ve promoted it that way. XI da MC: Man, if I had choose I would say my favorites are Dream Girl, I Like, Summertime, Paper Chase and Get Up! Q: So what’s next for Crown Republik Ent, Ran Blacc & XI da MC after the release of “The Brotherhood Project”? XI da MC: Well we got a couple things coming. We been working on my solo project “Out Of My Mind” and it’s just about ready to go. WE also been cooking up Blacc’s solo project “Momma’s Boi”. Believe me there’s still a lot more to come. Ran Blacc: Facts, we got so much working sitting in the file cabinets. Don’t for get we got the “Crown Republik Da Mixtape Vol. 3”, “Its Da Crown Compilation” and “The Saturday Night Unwind”. All those are going to be fire. Not to mention we got Cease Loco’s first mixtape coming soon. I mean there’s enough work for us to ride the wave through 2020. Mark my words!
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