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Do you like catchin’ a vibe, Living care free, and breathing blunt smoke like o2? Well, even if
you dont Young Cuff is a great add to any playlist! Cuff is a very interesting listen. Born and
raised in Manorville, NY. Current founder/Owner of RiskyBusinessGroup the Label. Along with
Hungry attitude and the confident chip on his shoulder. He happens to be 1 of the towns most
favored Barbers! Who knew! Young Cuff lives A hop skip and a jump from the Hampton
beaches of Long Island! Cuff and his Energy is perfect listen for a day in the sand with some
friends, or while getting that pump at the Gym, or on a long family road trip, or even right before
you take off flight! If you haven’t got the hint yet he is FIRE! You can find Young Cuff’s latest
album “Splash”. A colab Album with Local LI artist “Rabz” on Itunes , Spotify, SoundCloud. And
other social platforms!

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