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Christian & Kid Mills & Miller was as young as 8 years old when he began writing. It was his late
father, Steve Miller Sr, who first took an interest in his new passion. Further encouraging his
son; Steve Miller Helped Christian with his first official song which he then performed to his
family. Since that day, with only the support of his family and his own determination, Kid Mills
has taken gradual steps toward fulfilling his dream of being a hiphop artist.
Born in Dallas, Texas then growing up most of his life in Madison, Wisconsin, Kid Mills has had
a hand in the music scene since the early stages of his career. It wasnt until his Sophmore year
in High School he established Hype Musik ENT as his official label and platform of business.
The amount of competition in his city complicated the Hip Hop artists attempts at building a solid
an reliable team, eventually pushing him to handle all responsibilities of maintaining a
successful outlet for music from marketing to performing. Still as strong and determined as ever
Kid Mills continues to perform at some of Madison's most popular local music venues such as
The Union Terrace and Genas Bar.
"Progress over Perfection", the motto of 22 year old Christian 'Kid Mills' Miller, has always been
enough to remind the Hip Hop artist of his goals for Hype Musik ENT. With so many trend
following rappers flowing their lyrics as well as style and "gimmicks" to the tempo of every Top

100 Hits rapper, Hype Musik ENT plans to separate Real artists from the Fame Chasers by only
promoting high quality music. With success begetting more opportunity; The Labels' plans of
expansion and increased exposure of artist Kid Millsand other soon to be Hype Musik ENT
employed artists are sure to be set in place accordingly. Kid Mills sees himself owning and
maintainting a fully recognized music label and performing regularly as well as touring in the
near future.

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