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Vishnu Express

Vishnu Quao, better known by his stage name Vishnuexpress, is an afro reggae dancehall rapper and member of the UAMP music group. Raised in westside Africa, Ghana, he dropped out of senior high school in 1999. UAMP Records released two single albums, OmaPomo EP in 2017  and Favor at the early 2017. Vishnuexpress released his first solo album Unify Diversity in 2012 with hit song trustworthy awarding him a record deal with the NGAF recording group. He followed with 3ZERO records in 2010 and left NGAF 2013. In 2015 became an independent artist working with UAMP Records, having Apprisemusic to  distribute Vishnuexpress third studio album singles Favor, Love Make Us Humble, OMAPOMO EP and etc, most  released in 2017 and 2018.



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