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In an industry which killed more dreams then brought them to reality, this saying is a mantra
recording artist Kertasy not only believes in but follows. Stemming from New Jersey& Northern

City Elizabeth, his passion for hip hop was first rooted from a seed formed in the sixth grade.
Specifically during his Black History Month talent show in music school. Understanding the
historical culture connected to Hip Hop he studied performers such as Jay-Z, Biggie, Mase, and
Fabolous since discovering his gift that day he has developed and maintained a positive work
ethic which consistently elevates him to new Heights. He chose the name Kertasy because it
reflected his mannerisms towards the females. It's also a metaphor on how nice he is in
everything he does musically.
In 2002, courtesy relocated to Chicago, Illinois to work with an indie label in hopes of creating
new music and developing his sound. It was in Chicago where he met legendary R&B singer, R
Kelly who decided to Mentor Kertasy, assuring him that he would assist Kertasy in the launch of
his debut project. Unfortunately, after a series of mistrials and events, R Kelly's ability to pursue
his agenda prolonged. Kertasy was sent back to New Jersey but with a new mindset ready to
push his career with no hold backs. Since then Kertasy has opened up for acts such as Eve,
Benzino, Lil Kim, Sean Paul to name a few his first tool was the vibe magazine College Tour
which consisted of talented acts such as Amanda seales Juelz Santana Biz Markie and other
notable talents he has been featured actor with the lead role and DJ Khaled Never Surrender
video featuring Scarface Jadakiss Meek Mill Akon John Legend & Anthony Hamilton. Courtesy
has walked on two well-developed projects called "Just out of Kertasy" and "Kertasy of" in 2010
he created brand called lead team an indie label and merchandise line with a message of
pursuing all visions and goals and being your own leader in the music industry.
His single, you see me went viral Worldwide after a dance Challenge was created on a popular
music app. The pitfalls of the industry do not scare Kertasy, mainly because his passion for
music and the ability to create it overpowers any obstacles that are placed in his way. He makes
music for the essence. He makes music for the passion inside him and for the enjoyment of
others. Most recently he signed to artists agency, Mor.Value and recent dropped a new visaul.
Kertasy is currently focusing on touring with in the states and across the major Global cities with
hopes of introducing his sound to new audiences.
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