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Naomi G Reviews The Brotherhood Project

For those of you who don’t know me I'm Naomi G. I do Marketing, Promotions, and Publishing for Soul Central Magazine. I also do Music Management, Marketing and Promotions through my business out of West Texas. I was honored to be among the select few others who got to listen to The Brotherhood Project way before its release date, and I cannot wait for it to be released for everyone else's listening pleasure!!! There's some albums that only have a few good songs, and you have to skip through several just to get to those, but not this album: The Brotherhood Project brought to you by Ran Blacc of Crown Republik Ent. And Crown Music. BANGER AFTER BANGER AFTER BANGER!!!! Knowing what I know about Crown Republik Ent., I know that the quality of this project was their number one emphasis! From the song selection, beat selection, lyrics, collaborations, artwork, production and marketing. It’s obvious that they would not settle for anything less than perfect, and they achieved that! Each beat was unique in its own way. Lyrics were composed accordingly, making everything flow effortlessly with one another. Production was smooth and on point! All the levels went well with one another, without anything over powering the other, which made it easy to bump and listen to with the volume turned all the way up! This album is such a breath of fresh air!! Not only do they show us their lyrical skills through their raps, but these guys also sing!!! R&B and Rap perfectly brought together for our listening pleasure, with each track grabbing your attention from the beginning, making you want to listen to the whole track over and over and over again!! Be sure to put this on your "MUST LISTEN TO" List, and be ready to hear the whole album January 7th on your favorite music streaming platform!!! I PROMISE your ears will Thank you!!! Much Love & Respect!

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