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Artist And Comedian Jarreau Reviews The Brotherhood Project

Artist And Comedian Jarreau Reviews The Brotherhood Project Wudddup Everybody!!! I just got the opportunity to preview the latest release from Crown Republik Ent. titled The Brotherhood Project. I've both directly and indirectly connected to Ran Blacc and Crown Republik Ent. for many years now, and I've seen it's many stages of development. While I have a close relationship with Ran Blacc spanning roughly 25 years, I'm separated enough to look at his work objectively. In my opinion, this is by far his best and most polished project.
Let's start with the production. Forgive me for not having the name or names of the producers responsible for the beats, but there is an overall sound and identity that comes with this album. Nothing seems to be random or out of place. While each song has it's own vibe, they fit together like puzzle pieces. That's very important even though we seem to have abandoned the concept of a complete project for "hot singles" to keep up with the ever shortening attention span of our society. Finally, let's talk about the artists. Ran Blacc and XI Da MC compliment each other unbelievably well on this project. Ran Blacc spits a couple of rap verses on this project,such as "Mad" and "Summertime" but has really committed to adding a singing element to the album. He has done this in the past, but I feel like he has truly honed and shaped his sound to where he can move around and take real chances like he did on "Dream Girl". My GUY. Some of y'all will catch that. XI Da MC is simply a beast! His cadence, his delivery, and his ability to stay on topic all contribute to him being the Real Deal. On his upcoming single "The Gospel" he answers any questions you could possibly have about his capabilities as an MC. Filthy. The hardest part of doing an album like this is making sure there is no weak link. That sounds easy, but there are sometimes uncomfortable conversations that have to take place to accomplish this. I wasn't behind the scenes, but whether there were no uncomfortable conversations or a thousand of them. These two guys put together an album where they brought completely different ingredients to make a great meal. It's definitely worth the listen. Like any album, you will have your favorites, but you can definitely play this one straight through. The Brotherhood Project! Let's go!
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