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Monique McCoy the Owner and CEO of The Luxurious Ladies

Hello, I am Monique McCoy the Owner and CEO of The Luxurious Ladies. It's been a while since I've listened to any artists album from the introduction all the way to the end much less a Bonus Track. But I must say I loved and truly enjoyed The Brotherhood Project for so many reasons. But here are a few of my favorite tracks and a slight review of the project as a whole. We haven't had a summer time banger since 1991 when Will Smith came out with “summertime”! Well… LADIES AND GENTLEMEN we have our own next generation Summertime anthem! I can see the song being played from coast to coast by every generation and every generation to come! Now let's talk about "The Gospel". For a second I had my eyes closed and could of sworn I was listening to a Nas track! I know most artists don't like to be compared but the fact that I compare tXI da MC to a legend is phenomenal in my eyes knowing this was not Nas, but understanding XI is very talented! Cant forget about the ladies. Everyone knows ladies love a track about them so "Get Up ft. Honest Jaye " was on point as well but we cant forget about "Dream Girl and “Put You On" these are tracks anyone can vibe with especially the ladies.
Let me get back to "Dream Girl " I first heard this song when I was passing through a West Coast rap battle. Ran Blacc & XI da MC were performing this track and its definitely a Club Banger, it grabbed everyone's attention immediately. Definitely had all the beautiful woman's attention with this one. Great job gentlemen! And lastly this bonus track! Like they say SAVE THE BEST FOR LAST! "She Gives Me Life " featuring LooseLryic is the definition of your true ride or die chick. The acknowledgement that one gives to the woman who supports him, who's been down for him and gives them life! Definitely relatable! Over all I was highly impressed by the project and I am glad I was able to be apart of the review process.
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