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CEO of AMG Devon Brabham Reviews The Brotherhood Project

My name is Devon Brabham, CEO of American Monster Guild, Executive Order
Publishing, Executive Order Distribution and American Monster Guild International.
Over my 10-year musical career I have had the experience and pleasure of serving
as an A & R for multiple top tier major label companies. My most notable A & R
positions included the largest stint with Universal Music Group and Atlantic Records. Obviously, being an A & R I have the pleasure of listening to and review hundreds and thousands of music.
I have had the pleasure of reviewing the latest project from Crown Republik. The project features Ran Blacc and phenomenal lyricist XI Da Mc. The project is titled “The Brotherhood Project”.

As the beat drops, the potential listeners and fans alike will participate in head nodding, filled with high-energy tempo. The hook rings a positive uplifting message throughout the brief but memorable chorus. The unity message balances out the
auto-tune, which fused the message and the beat completely.

“Mad” introduces a major lyrical mastery uncommon for most independent albums.
The hook is very catchy and is unforgettable throughout the track. Ran Blacc and XI
Da Mc is very well written and takes shots at the industry status quo by the
preverbal hate, that goes hand in hand with the culture of hip hop.

“Summertime” (Waiting on Ya)
“Summertime” track reminds all audiences and fans of hits like “Summertime in the
LBC”. The feel good, 80’s beat knocking summertime theme. The listeners and
audience instantly and morphed into riding in a drop top heading to an old
fashioned fun filled BBQ.

“The Gospel”
The instrumental flow by XI Da Mc transforms an average hip-hop listener to a
unique and permanent ritual enthusiast. XI Da Mc uses his crafty delivery to remind
everyone that he the modern day KDot rhyming over Dr. Dre laced production. XI Da
Mc profound command over his lyrical intelligence displaying his use of verbal
adrenaline which is epic regardless of independent or major prominence.

“Get Up featuring Honest Jaye”
XI Da Mc brings life, liberty and the pursuit of God’s perfect woman thru his use of
lyricism and perfectly placed imagery. His description of the female helps vividly
paint the picture as if he is sculpting Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, or Beyonce right
before our eyes.

“Don’t Act Like That featuring Blacc & Mild”
Crown Music does an excellent job in “Don’t Act Like That” the wordplay resembles
a lyrical jungle gym exercising the adjectives mixed with the ability of a J.Cole
references throughout the track.

“Paper Chase featuring Dread Bang”
“Paper Chase” gives listener and the global fans a pictorial excursion filled high-
octane lyrics that shows the musical maturity of Ran Blacc and XI Da Mc, and the
collective of Crown Music.

“Put You On”
There hasn’t been a track since Tupac Shakur’s “Picture Me Rollin” that accurately
portrayed the lyrical balance beam of a Bonnie & Clyde tango. “Put You On” uses
perfectly placed references and the ability of Ran Blacc and XI Da Mc to piggy back
off the illustrated imagery that their verbal wordplay combined with the sound
effects to lyrically lace the audiences imagination.

“I Like featuring Sixx John”
The Love infused track indulges both the male and female emotional wrestling
match. The keys included through the track give the track balance and an emotional
breath of life. The featuring of Sixx John gives the message a mixture of testerone
and the menstrual additive that the track craves.

The R & B ball reminds a listener of charisma, mixed with only of the love that can be
found from a lost love, who has runaway. Dreamgirl is tango dance step, only can be
performed by Ran Blacc and XI Da Mc, and is the correct balance for “The
Brotherhood Project”.

“Outside Looking In”
By far one of my personal favorites on “The Brotherhood Project” because it tells a
vivid story through imagery and pictorial romance resemblance of a sultry romance
novel. “Outside Looking in” give the female fans a chance to get lost in the most
perfect night in with her beau.

The bonus track is really very special. The use of the piano adds a different element
that gives the outro a smooth and calming effect. You instantly begin nodding and
grove to the sounds represented in the “Amendment”, the perfect blend of sound
elements to end “The Brotherhood Project”

Overall Grade:
I enjoyed “The Brotherhood Project”. It uses its lyrical maturity and perfect
content to bring life to the project. There is evidence that this project is for the
mature hip-hop consinueurr. The trap and beginning hip-hop fans will most likely
shy away from this masterful work of art, however “The Brotherhood Project” is not
for them. The project seeks to combine real life story telling with mature music
elements and helps to bridge the gap between major music content and the real life
that we all go through. I give “The brotherhood Project an A-, it is one of the top 10
best projects I have heard all year long both from independent and major music
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