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Profit was born and raised in the most slept on city in the US, Nap Town i.e. Indianapolis, IN. Growing up Profit  tended to take the harder route to get through life. He started working in the kitchen at the age of 13 doing dishes under the table while seeing most of his family live in poverty.  Moving through life at a young age Profit realized there were two directions to go in life. Your either going to go get it or get got. This epiphany is what fueled me with the drive to not only start music, but to take on the independent angle within the music industry. Profit quickly found that telling his  personal story and expressing true feelings through real life experiences for others to relate to was his passion. As he  began his path as an artist, things began picking up quickly once Profit  was a freshman in high school and he met his  team member/producer Looney. Looney noticed my potential in music and brought him into a family/group called N.A.$.A. Team who ran their own label; Gold Medal Music LLC. From there they began creating a huge name for themselves within the city by promoting their original in-house sound, hosting their  own events at the Indianapolis Old National Theatre, opening for mainstream artists such as French Montana, offering high quality apparel, and more. Profit  personally run the “voice of the streets” genre of the label. Their business was progressively growing at their  controlled pace until one of our strongest members passed away. This forced the group into a reevaluating stage of our personal priorities, business goals, and overall vision. Now after having gained crucial indie experience, pausing for their business foundation, and beginning their relaunch, getting back to it is deeper than just rap music. Their multifaceted conglomerate approach will create and bind a legacy of entrepreneurs. The intention is to shift the music business culture and carry the GMM (Gold Medal Music LLC) name for generations to come.

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