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Fortune Flip

FortuneFlip is an up and coming pop/hip-hop group on the rise out of Spring, located on the North side of Houston, Texas. The group consist of three members, Travis Morse the brains, Chris Harvey the voice, and Brittany Cannon the beauty with the voice. Travis and Harvey have been friends since early childhood and shared a common dream, creating music. Travis's misfortunes inspired him to conceive FortuneFlip. The meaning behind the double F's is to take your struggle and hardship and flip it, using all the negatives to your advantage by turning them into positives. ‘Flipping your misfortune to fortune’. Harvey's strong belief in that principle, mixed with both of their passion, drove them to start FortuneFlip Music. Along with childhood friend, Zack Burton, they constructed and recorded No Nonsense, their first ever mixtape. Soon after, T met Brittany and there was an instant connection. With her background in singing, Harvey's strong vocal style, and T's broad knowledge of music and song construction helped our trio cultivate the group’s core sound. This lead to the creation of Progression of Struggle, their second mixtape, followed by the group’s album "Late Arrival" their first full length album.
"Late Arrival" has a sound like no other before it. The chemistry combined with wordplay over beats help deliver the group’s artistry. The beats are carefully selected, while the vocals portray their struggle. Hard hitting lyrics focus on the art of constructing a bar with impact. You get a feel of who we are as artist on songs like "Used 2" or " Away" to "Wasted Words" that give u a since of human perseverance. Yet the lit life of "Turn Up” our new release we will be playing, has a hype that mashes the want of celebrating and trying to make it in the music game. It blends sexy vocals over nicely delivered rhymes which pushes past most music of today. "Turn Up" is FortuneFlips single that has the most traction, while getting aired on 2 radio station in the US. I believe you will enjoy "Turn Up." Be sure to like and follow us on Instagram for news and releases @official_fortuneflip. 
The trio has been working on many projects since their last big event at South by Southwest. FortuneFlips next big release is the hot new single “Trance” which is a collaboration with Third Party and Chris Audio. The new single is fierce from beginning to end, which is easy when you have 5 artist on 1 track. FortuneFlip’s crew has also been working on separate ventures. T is working on his solo music and has even pushed his artistry to singing on his own hooks. He always pushed the boundaries when it comes to his music.  Harvey has branched out and is working on his country album that has a soulful vibe with a country twang. The music is raw, from the live instruments to his clean vocals, be on the look out for “Just a Dream” that is releasing soon. Brittany has focused on finding her individual sound while working on features and gaining inspiration for the start on her own Album. She and T have an 80’s inspired single coming out in November. FortuneFlips rise is far from over. Follow us on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Youtube.

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