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Talk about channeled energy, rap artist ADHD (pronounced Added) has put a different meaning to those four letters. ADHD, has gone worldwide with 2 tracks in under 2 months! Eric James Pasko was born February 13 th , 1991, in Glendale Heights IL. ADHD’s parents got divorced when he 3 years old. Moving from place to place and bouncing from school to school, after numerousdrastic situations. He spent time in Alexian Brothers Juvenile Delinquent and Mental Health Center. Eric was in constant trouble in school and in his teen years with the Police as well. His freshman year of High School he suffered a Brain Injury, tearing Brain Tissue in His Left temple. With constant headaches he found himself writing music even more, only this time it stuck. Listening to mainly Tech Nine, Eminem,
Ditch, Krizz Kahliko, Three 6 Mafia, and those of that nature. Explains the way he raps today. ADHD decided to actually do something with his music in November of 2017.

ADHD has released two tracks as of now “Lil Strange” Ft. Wyshmasterbeats(wish master beats), and “I’m Back” Ft. Pure Love Productions. On February 17 th, 2018 ADHD released “Lil Strange” and is being featured on Hood and Associates with Universal Music Group Distribution “Undiscovered Gold Album Vol.1” which releases at the end of March 2018. “Lil Strange” will also be available on over 1000 digitals stores worldwide. On March 4 th , 2018 ADHD released his second track “Im Back”, getting feedback from fans from Hong Kong, to Russia, Australia to India, and New York to Arizona, this song is his hottest yet. In May 2018 ADHD was signed by DP86 LLC. Out of Chicago, IL. Takin him only 4 months to get signed and with only 7 months in the industry, ADHD is surely making an impact. As of now ADHD is known for his song called ARMAGEDON. This song has only been performed live and has caught most his fans “off-

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