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Born in Pennsylvania raised in Florida, Tre SoSavage is a 24 yr old up and coming American Rap Artist. Hungrier than ever, his drive to make it out the streets and pursue his rap career came from the struggle to help provide for his single mother. At the age of 14 he began to freestyle but never took it too serious. After hearing feedback from his friends and family that he had a true talent with words, he no longer took it as a joke. Continuing to manifest his craft, by 19 he knew a career in the music industry was what he was destined for. With a unique flow and proven versatility he was offered to perform at King of Diamonds in Miami Florida. Blowing the crowd away he quickly became one of the promoter’s go to artist for showcases. With the recognition and support he was receiving he decided to make his first mixtape “Savage Season” which will be dropping in August 2018. To stay updated with Tre and his music you can follow him on SoundCloud at “Tre SoSavage” and on Instagram at “tre.sosavage”.

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