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Who’s BHumble? Bhumble is a 19 year old man that’s determined to accomplish goals
to become a artist. To Overcome the struggle of  Living in poverty Bhumble consistently
Stay dedicated to his Music not only His music he’s a father with a full time job
As a CNA. So although he works to keep The bills paid. He always finds a way
To his true passion in the studio. It Looks like Bhumble can’t be knocked off
His grind to the top.  What about his music? Bhumble’s music is very crafty.
His raps are about things he been through Life or death situation he’s found his way out of. The up and downs BHumble have Made his hunger for a happier life a expectation.
Although he’s in the hood doesn’t mean You can’t live good because he’s proving
It through his music. And for the ones that’s curious like George if BHumble was Born after
kendrick lamar Drop Humble back in 2017 “NO” He’s Humbleness comes from his Mother . And until this day she consistently reminds him to remain humble and his First name his Brandon
So that’s where BHumble came from and this was back in 2016. P.S he’s pushing to drop
His mixtape in May called BHumble’s mixtape We’ll keep you updated.Bhumble Mixtape was pushed back to August Closer to his birthday on the 15th dew too
Situations pertaining his day to day life. Not only he’s focused on making great
Quality music for the world too hear. Bhumble spend long dedicated time mixing and mastering his tracks too his full potential. The consistency opens more doors when you
Do right by God because he has a plan not only for me for everyone.
So stay focused always show love and compassion for others and you will receive your blessings.
BHumble Has so much too come so You can follow him on these social media platforms...

Instagram: @Bhumble_19

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