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At a young age Indie rap artist CB3 went through some serious dark times his father passed away. Soon after that his  grandparents decided to raise him  because his mother was an abusive alcoholic and threatened to kill him if they did not come to pick me up. Growing up CB3 was an angry yet troubled child because of his mother and her boyfriend who abused him, CB3’s grandparents did the best they could to help him overcome this trauma but with each day things seemed to become worse because of my anger problems. I would have intense temper tantrums leading to me being a very destructive kid. At the age of 15 he was told that his mother had passed away. CB3 turned to music as an outlet and started writing lyrics to start his healing and also tell the world his story,  He currently has a song out called "Good Bye"
And a hit new single entitled  “On my own featuring Breana Marin”
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