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Caseeno Van Go

Chris Cox aka Caseeno Van Go is a 27 year old artist born and raised on the Eastside of Chicago. With over 7 years since dropping his debut project "The Windy City Rebel" he has been progressing consistently with his sound and talent. On July 7th 2017, Caseeno dropped a collab project with DJ London called #FromLondon2Chicago that is full of original content and a very wide variety of versatility. Currently Caseeno is working on his next project "The Caseeno Van Go Ep" and has dropped his debut single "Handle My Business" strictly on his Youtube Channel. His style and sound is often compared to that of Lupe Fiasco mixed with Kendrick Lamar with a touch of the original Caseeno Van Go style. You may find his work on sites such as, Spotify, Itunes, Apple Music, Google Play, SoundCloud, Youtube, Deezer and much more!
Below are links to his social media along with links to music videos and performances.

Caseeno Van Go has moved to Atlanta where he will be expanding his brand along with his clothing line FN Reb3lz. As far as the music goes he is continuing his work with UK producer DJ London and they're preparing to drop their new singles "Cruising" and "420" and preparing for their second collab effort following From London 2 Chicago which is called From Chicago 2 London. You may check out From London 2 Chicago via Spotify, YouTube, Itunes, Apple Music and more!

DJ London & Caseeno Van Go - So Many Crazy Things:

DJ London & Caseeno Van Go - Pass Out:


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