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1. Now being an artist im sure your perception of life must have changed....so how you see life now?
Life has definitely been interesting since I started taking my career more serious. I get a lot of love from my community and all over the world.

2. How you take fame?
Fame isn't really that important to me. Coming from a small town like Chase City,VA is very humbling so being known is second nature to me.Music is my passion so regardless of the fame I would still be making great music.when you chasing checks the fame can be a distraction from your real goal and that's putting out great records and making a living.

3. what do you think artist are borned or skilled? 
That's a good question! I used to believe that most artist are born with the gift of music creativity but as the industry has shown over the last few years that's not the case anymore. There are so many new artist surfacing with no real musical background but they have their own styles and swag so I guess that's the difference maker.

4. hiphop is your passion or you were trained in it before stepping in this industry?
Hip Hop was my first love but I did grow up around a lot of older artist who taught me the basics about delivery and wordplay. I used to write poetry and that slowly transitioned into rap.  I've been making music for over 15 Years so I've been involved with the industry for a while now.

5. lastly speak your heart to your fans? 
I want my fans,followers and even future supporters to know that my music comes from the heart and my experiences in life. I strive to delivery great music for the listeners and network with other artists and producers to build on my career and gain knowledge of the business. Be on the lookout for my debut EP coming soon "Life Ain't Easy" featuring my hot single "Love Me"and collaboration mixtape with my main Killawatts man 730 Dipset "Made In VA" also be sure to check out my website www.measy914.com. Follow me today!!!


booking email : Measy914@gmail.com 

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