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1. now being an artist im sure your perception of life must have changed....so how you see life now?
My perception on life is basically.... everything counts. I'm taking everything in by the moment's, and thats why i press the issue in my music by telling true stories. That's my lane.

2. how you take fame?
The fame is good. I mean who doesn't like getting recognize, thats really how i started rapping, but on the real.... i want the money a lil bit more.

3. what do youthink artsit are borned or skilled?
I would like to think i was born a artist, but on top of that, it took lots of practice and hard work to get where i am now. So i did develop some sort of niche style and format for my style of music. All in all though i was born with the light, i just had to shine a little harder to showcase it.

4. hiphop is your passion or you were trained in it before stepping in this industry?
Hip Hop is more of a passion for me. It's a way of life and i think it's the most clear and smooth way to connect with the world. Music gives you life and that's why i give all of me. No short cuts or alley ways. Im speaking for the people who cant speak for themselves.

5. lastly speak your heart to your fans?
Heart to heart to all my fans, i love you all. There's no me without y'all & thats why it's deeper than music. New music is always in the works for you guys, so stay tuned with me. Dave Dukes, Have you ever heard a #TrueStory. I just want the world to see us. I'm the same nigga from Denver, Colorado.... So when i shine we all shine. Its not about me, its about us. So support the real and one day SOON, the world will know why the underdog's will never die. 1hunnid. Look me uo on YouTube (Dave Dukes), Facebook (Dave Dukes) , Instagram (TheRealDaveDukes), and Audiomack.com  (Dave Dukes).

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