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1. How did you entered in this entertainment industry and tell us about your upcoming 
Well i always wanted to do music but i was nervous on how people gonna like my music i started gettin serious two years ago when i got in a car wreck and my second CD coming out this year called Blaxc Sand Music real smooth type album different than my first one and be on the lookout for my clothing line as well called Out Tha Trunk Clothing street wear for everybody.

2. you only wanna stick to the hiphop in this entertainment field or you think you have other skills that you wana show ? 
Yea i might stick to it but i also wanna get into movies too from acting to directing those are the entertaiment or get my hands on the fashion scene too

3.every picture have to sides being famous which is a good AND glittery side of this business im sure you must have faced difficulties , tell us about that?
Yea i been facing alot of difficulties in and out the booth i never did a show before and since I found a studio to go to that not tryna rob me that problem solved
 the people who cant speak for themselves.

4. how you mange your professional and personal life? 
It's kind of hard for me to do it cuz i never had to balance the both before gonna take awhile to used to but im ready.

5. whats the trick to remain focus? 
Stay prayed up stop hanging around people who dont see ya dreams come to reality and keep working at your craft every chance to you get better yourself.

6. one quote that you think it suits your life?
gotta stay humble and always have since of humor and this world too much stuff going on and keep ya eyes open third eye included- Jroxc Tha Kidd.

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