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Twin Hector - "Special" (Video)

Platinum-selling recording artist Twin Hector releases the intoxicating and alluringly disruptive new music video for his single "Special". Striking a perfect balance between decadent R&B soundscapes and addictive pop melodies, Twin Hector will push you over the edge with his sensual sonic daydream. Written about a divine union, "Special" is an all-enthralling love song about a deeply passionate connection. Directed by Ben Tyler / Left Hand Films and Tai'Yon Hector himself, the visual for "Special" was inspired by R&B legend D’Angelo and captures Twin Hector in an intimate, black and bronzed aesthetic.Twin Hector takes his time, drenching you in a seductive wonderland of pulsating beats and heavenly vocals as he muses over his soulmate. "There ain't nobody I'd choose over you." Watch Twin Hector's video for "Special" for a sweltering, sultry experience that will leave your racing.
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