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Miu Haiti (@miuhaiti) - "Unphased" (Album)

Earlier this spring, multilingual singer-songwriter and producer Miu Haiti released the sensational record, "Is This Love." The song was accompanied by a lovely music video and was met with critical acclaim. The songstress returns to kick off the winter and close out the year with her sophomore album, "Unphased." The eight-track album features the lead single, "Is This Love," along with two other fan favorites: "In 'Em Face" and "Real Ones." The LP is chock full of sounds that borrows from Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, R&B/Soul, and everything in-between. "Unphased" is Miu Haiti's first album since her 2014 debut album, "Unexpected." "Unphased" is a treat for her day one, hardcore fans or "Real Ones," and for the soon-to-be fans. The studio album has something for everybody as it ranges from heartfelt, soulful ballads to thought-provoking and fun Pop anthems to hard-hitting Hip-Hop/Rap tracks. "Unphased" kicks off with the sensual, sultry record, "Chocolate Candy." "Chocolate Candy" was produced by ESNC and is a song that paints a picture of when someone locks eyes with another at the club, in lust or love, and then they dance the night away together. It is apropos that track two turns to "Is This Love." "Is This Love," produced by Nice Beat (Irwin Charles), challenges the idea of love or if the feelings that come after the blissful honeymoon phase are real in a relationship. Continuing the love and relationship theme, "If I Call" follows. "If I Call" is self-produced and is a guitar-led, soulful Indie Pop song. The vulnerable song continues the story laid out in the previous two tracks, and details the breakup and heartbreak felt. Track four, "Flip It," is a wavy, spacey record that provides listeners with motivation and inspiration. Miu Haiti enlisted multi-platinum producer Self Service to produce the jam. The song strikes a shift in the album as it turns to empowerment, and finding your light and power. Thus, leading to "Real Ones," which is self-explanatory from its title. "Real Ones" is another self-produced record, and is about keeping your circle tight and only keeping "Real Ones" around. Miu Haiti slays in track six, "In 'Em Face." The anthem is a song with a lot of bravado and pizzazz. It was produced by renowned producer Roland Richards. The penultimate song and self-produced track, "Filon,'' is a Pop song, but Miu Haiti departs from English and performs the song in her native language, further demonstrating her immense talent and unique skill set. The final track, "Too Late," produced by Bayden, is the perfect closer and ties the album all together through its eclectic sound. "Unphased" was recorded at Purfek Recordings Studios, mixed by Hilton Auguste and Zahc Hughes, mastered at Sage Audio Studio, and entirely written by Miu Haiti. "Unphased" is a musical journey and Miu Haiti's literal journey. Her second full-length album provides listeners with an intimate look into her life and evolution. "Unphased" has bops that will resonate with all and is an album that listeners cannot listen to only once. It is the gift that keeps on giving. As the curtains close on 2023, the show must go on. "Unphased" marks the end and the beginning as the album is surely one that listeners will keep playing well past the clock striking midnight. Experience the different phases of "Unphased" today.
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