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Magic City Vibes: A Deep Dive into the Atlanta Culture Represented in the Latest Track


In the heart of Atlanta, where the vibrant culture and energetic beats collide, emerges a track that encapsulates the essence of the city's nightlife. Titled "Like Magic City," this song is more than just a musical creation; it's an ode to the strip club culture that plays a pivotal role in shaping Atlanta's identity. Let's take a journey through the artist's creative process, collaborations, and the deeper meanings embedded in the lyrics.

The Genesis of "Like Magic City":

The artist's roots in Atlanta serve as the primary inspiration for the track. Growing up in the city, the artist felt compelled to pay homage to the iconic Magic City strip club, a cultural cornerstone in Atlanta. The decision to craft a song dedicated to this influential establishment was driven by a desire to represent and celebrate Atlanta's unique atmosphere.

Creative Process:

Unlike previous works, "Like Magic City" boasts a heightened level of hype and energy, marking a departure from the artist's usual style. The creative process was spontaneous and organic, with the artist freestyling the hook and verses in the studio. The decision to start afresh, abandoning a reference track, allowed the artist to create a track that exuded authenticity and raw energy, perfect for capturing the essence of the Atlanta summer.

Lyrical Exploration:

Delving into the lyrics, the artist takes the audience into the world of stripper/dancers, shedding light on their hustle and determination to secure their bag "by any means necessary." The song paints a vivid picture of the nightlife, emphasizing the empowerment of these performers and their unapologetic pursuit of financial independence.


Collaborating with producer Idk Hart Beats and fellow artist Shawty Boy, known for his association with Soulja Boy, added unique dimensions to the track. The partnership with Idk Hart Beats, a seasoned producer, and Shawty Boy, an experienced artist, brought diverse perspectives and expertise to the project. The collaborative effort, though challenging at times, resulted in a hot record and a visually appealing music video, now available on YouTube.

Musical Style and Production:

The artist aimed for a rap/hip-hop and club-infused sound, successfully executing a style that resonates with the Atlanta culture. The positive feedback received so far attests to the artist's achievement in capturing the desired vibe. The track's infectious rhythm and lively beats are destined to make it a club anthem.

Message to Listeners:

"Like Magic City" is an invitation to have fun, vibe out, and embrace the Atlanta culture. The artist hopes that listeners will revel in the music, dancing and enjoying their best lives, particularly in the setting of a strip club. The song serves as a testament to the artist's pride in representing Atlanta and the belief that the city will rally behind the track.

Challenges and Growth:

Overcoming challenges in communication and business dealings, the artist emphasizes the importance of direct collaboration and eliminating middlemen. "Like Magic City" represents a significant milestone in the artist's growth, showcasing evolved confidence and a refined creative process. The track serves as a proclamation that the artist is ready to break into the spotlight and become the next big name in Atlanta's music scene.

Promotion and Future Plans:

To promote the song, the artist plans to take it to radio stations, strip clubs, and television. The release of a captivating music video on YouTube is already gaining traction, with plans for potential live performances and remix collaborations with established artists. The strategic distribution through United Masters and the artist's label, Galaxy Music Group, underscores a commitment to reaching a wider audience, not only within Atlanta but globally.


"Like Magic City" is more than just a song; it's a sonic representation of Atlanta's cultural vibrancy, a celebration of the city's nightlife, and an affirmation of the artist's growth and readiness to conquer the music scene. As the track continues to resonate with listeners and make waves in the industry, the artist's journey is poised to elevate, taking the Atlanta culture to new heights.

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