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Raising the Bar: Windy 2Da Indy's 'Killer Talk' Sets a New Standard for Midwest Hip Hop

Witness the evolution of Midwest hip hop as Windy 2Da Indy, the formidable duo from Chicago and Indianapolis, raises the bar with their latest release, "Killer Talk." Comprised of Dezel and Peru Brigante, the duo brings forth 14 years of pure hip hop talent, setting a new standard for authenticity in Midwest hip hop. "Killer Talk" not only encapsulates lyrical prowess and aggression but also stands as a true representation of the Midwest sound. 

 Dezel and Peru Brigante, with their beat knocker vibe and sharp lyrics, redefine what it means to deliver a message in the hip hop scene. The absence of a chorus in "Killer Talk" becomes a testament to the power of precise lyrics and self-explanatory messages. As the track resonates through the airwaves, it sets a new benchmark for the genre, showcasing Windy 2Da Indy's prowess in reshaping the landscape of Midwest hip hop. 

Currently spinning exclusively on Power 107.6 The Truth & The Hype 87.3, "Killer Talk" stands tall, marking a new era for authentic Midwest hip hop. 

 Stream the record for yourself on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpBbimkyEzM

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