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Exclusive Interview With Tr3von


1. You started singing and dancing at a very young age. How did your early experiences with music and performance shape your artistic journey?

I always say that I didn’t choose music but in fact music chose me. I can remember the first time I heard music and a singer singing it mesmerized me. I just love how music is a universal language and the way it makes me feel and the effect it has on others. It transcends many barriers. I always wanted to make people feel the way that I felt my first time hearing artists like Whitney, Luther, Stevie, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson to name a few because the list goes on and on. 

2. Moving from Chicago to Minneapolis must have been a significant transition. How did your change in location impact your music and creativity?  
Chicago is my roots and Minneapolis is where I’ve gained my experiences from. I collided with two cultures which I am very familiar with and put it inside the music. It’s something that’s embedded in your soul because I have strong connections with both. In my own little world, it's called “Chinneapolis” because I am a Minneagoan”. I am proud of both cities and glad to be connected to both. 

3. Joining the Metropolitan Boys Choir and performing at Orchestra Hall at a young age is quite impressive. How did that experience influence your approach to music and live performances? 

Being a part of the Metropolitan Boys’ Choir taught me about harmony, timing, structure and performance. Mrs. H, who is still the director of the choir to this day, really made sure that each member had a level of excellence of presentation. We had to dress a certain way and act accordingly which I’ve used this approach in my performances. People know when they come to a performance of mine I am going to give my all til I have nothing else to give. Performing at the legendary Orchestra Hall was an experience and I met my first celebrity at this same venue. Orchestra Hall has such a rich history and I know I will be performing there again in my career moving forward. 

 4. You pursue your passion for music and performance at the John Robert Powers Performing Arts School. Could you tell us how this school contributed to your artistic growth? 
John Robert Powers taught me how the camera works, how to connect with the camera and how to express yourself in front of the camera. I also learned the ins and outs of auditioning and how to read scripts. I did a lot of commercial prepping with this school as well. 

 5. Your journey into acting began with "The Devil Didn't Raise Me." Can you share what drew you to acting and how it complements your music career? 
I’ve always been into acting. I loved watching a lot of movies and tv shows growing up and had a desire to be on the big screen one day. I learned a lot of tips during my time at John Robert Powers. 

6. "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" took you to different cities for performances. What's your most memorable moment from touring with that production? 
This production was an incredible experience. 
This was my first traveling gig. We went to Chicago, Denver, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Nebraska. I just loved going across the country to different areas. I enjoy the hotel to hotel and city to city experience. Traveling like that taught me to roll with the punches and to be quick on my feet. I had to discipline myself so I can be at my best for the different cities. It was a lot of work and preparation. 

 7. Being part of the ensemble for Sounds of Blackness' 'Twas The Night Before Christmas' is a remarkable achievement. Can you tell us about your experience working with such a renowned group? 

The Sounds of Blackness is such a legendary group in music history and a huge part of the Minnesota sound. I had a blast working with Mr Gary Hines(founder) who is a musical genius in his own right. He taught me so much with breath control and sustaining notes as well as taking care of my instrument. I also learned from Jamecia Bennett(Lead vocalist and daughter of Ann Nesby). Mama Mecie(is what I call her), taught me about my stage performance and how to utilize all of the stage and be able to perform big because those on the way back have to feel like you are communicating with them directly. 

8. Your music is described as a blend of mainstream Pop with a flare of R&B/Soul. How do you approach combining these genres to create your unique sound?  

I would say it’s a flare of R&B Hip-Hop/Soul. As an artist I enjoy a lot of different genres of music. I have a soul which represents my passion and experiences poured into my music. I have flava and grit which would explain the Hip Hop in me. My R&B reflects in my delivery and approach to singing with such honesty and vulnerability. The pop version of me is my appeal and being able to reach a wider audience with my sound and my ability to bring people together of many different cultures and backgrounds.

 9. Can you provide some insight into your current projects? What can your fans expect from your upcoming music?
 I am currently working on a new EP project which will be ready in 2024. My brand new single Same Energy is coming Friday October 13,2023. I am excited about this new project. It’s new, fresh and bold. I also have a current single called, Issues. You’re gonna hear so much more from me. I have a plan of releasing a 3rd single which will be available soon.

 10. Your bio mentions that there is no height you are afraid of reaching. What are your long-term goals and aspirations as an artist, and how do you plan to achieve them? 
My goal is to become the best version of myself that I can be and build a successful career. I want to continue to grow and evolve to the next level and in order to do this it’s gonna take consistency and continued perseverance. I have been attacking tasks one after the other and I don’t move forward until I’ve completed a task. This is only the beginning, so be sure to stay tapped in.





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