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Rockwelz (@Forbesliving) - "Heavy" (Video)

Brooklyn, NY native Rockwelz presents the LGNDFILMWORKS-directed music video for "Heavy", the Nam Nitty-produced single from LL2J, his forthcoming album also set to feature The Musalini, The Bad Seed, M.O.U.F. and John Jigg$, co-founder of Rockwelz' Mxnxpxly Music imprint. Rockwelz has collaborated with the late Prodigy of Mobb Deep (watch the music video for "Mxnxpxly Mobb"), Skyzoo (stream "Blessings" on Spotify), the late Fred The Godson (stream "Lil Man Got Heart" on Spotify) and many more. "This one right here is elegance," Rockwelz says about his new single. "A rapper rapper's delight. How Too Short said it? I got 10,000 stories and they all for sale. This the last time you gonna see a bad guy like me." "Heavy" is out now on Mxnxpxly Music.
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