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Noble - "Girls, Vol. 1" EP

Noble is the epitome of quality and versatility. Born in Ferguson, Missouri, but raised between St. Louis, Missouri and East Saint Louis, Illinois, Noble spent his entire childhood honing his balance of different elements between his everchanging environment. Growing up as a student-athlete, he was able to utilize his skillset to transition from high school recruit to a college ballplayer and pro-prospect. However, after things did not go as planned, he decided to make another transition back to his first love... music. Working since 2019, Noble has begun to cultivate a very diverse mix of sounds using his unique, yet charismatic, voice, along with a variety of flows that seem to keep evolving with time. His independent debut, ‘Super Pack (Starter Pack Deluxe)’ (2021), garnered him enough attention among his peers and area to continue along his journey and continue pursuing his dreams. In February 2022, Noble released his third independent EP ‘Trip 2 Nirvana’, which included the single “Nirvana”, that garnered him even more attention amongst his peer group and people around the area. He then followed that up with his second independent LP ‘Noble’s Demo’ in June 2022. This included singles such as “The Water” and “All I Know”, along with features and production from LuhDave, Gustoo, MagicProducer, and Dono Da Deal. Noble has continued to drop singles, such as Derriere, Parameters, and Let’s Go, which includes a feature by Nikee Turbo, another prominent artist from the St. Louis area. Noble recently released his latest body of work on September 8, 2023. An EP called ‘Girls, Vol. 1’, which includes songs like Don’t Play with It, Anywhere You Go, and You Need Love. This is presumed to be the start of a series for Noble, however, he is said to have a few different projects in progression. Most notably a full-length LP with Gustoo titled ‘Chicken & Waffles’.
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