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Mke Meets the D to “Set It Off!”

Set It Off Mick Cold x RMC Mike drop “Set It Off!” 

Photo credit: Matt Hein (Mick Cold, Bankhead, RMC Mike.) 

Detroit and Milwaukee have officially linked in with new music from RMC Mike, Mick Cold And Bankhead. Detroit, known at the time for having its own sound has embraced the Milwaukee music scene along with artists, and this new banger definitely shows that. 

Mick Cold, the rising Milwaukee Artist locked in with Milwaukee Artist Bankhead, and Detroit Artist RMC Mike, to drop the banger “Set It Off!” The track displays a unique sound from each artist and definitely is a track you have to play! 

Mick Cold under his “MSFT” label has been releasing music for some time and putting in major work! Releasing previous singles like “Mill Run” & countless others, Mick is looking to cement his name in the industry as a serious artist. 

Mick Cold is known for not writing but freestyling his verses. To say that is an extreme talent is an understatement. Releasing “Set it Off” is his way of letting the world know he is to be taken as one of the Top Artists in City! 

Do you want to know more about Mick Cold? then you can follow him on Instagram and other social media pages. You can also listen his music at Spotify, Apple, Soundcloud and few more streaming platforms.

Follow Mick Cold on iG @_Mickcold

Official Video: https://youtu.be/uLtueoqij-Q?si=qlTWAxvSaUBQdPPE

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