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Dreadrock - August 14


Chicago Rapper Dreadrock Set to Release Emotionally-Packed New Single “August 14”

Brace yourself for an immersive emotional experience as Chicago’s very own hip-hop sensation, Dreadrock, prepares to unveil his latest single, “August 14.” Slated for release this Friday, August 18, the track is poised to elicit profound emotions and create a lasting impact on its listeners.

A Heartfelt Homage to Love and Loss Announced by his management team, Dreadrock’s “August 14” transcends being a mere song; it stands as a poignant tribute to the artist’s mother, whose memory continues to resonate deeply within him. The track delves into the artist’s personal journey, capturing the sentiments of losing a beloved mother at the tender age of 11. Through his musical artistry, Dreadrock’s compelling narrative metamorphoses his sorrow into a universal message that underscores the importance of treasuring loved ones.

Music with a Defined Purpose Crafted by Swervgang, “August 14” merges a soulful melody with insightful lyrics, providing a platform for Dreadrock’s distinctive musical style to shine. This single transcends mere auditory engagement—it’s an emotional rollercoaster, taking listeners on a voyage through the artist’s recollections and feelings. The song’s poignant lyrics delve into the depths of the ache and yearning experienced by a child who lost his mother prematurely.

The Source of Musical Inspiration In reflection on the song’s inspiration, Dreadrock shared, “This song commemorates my mother’s birthday, who passed away when I was 11.” The message he imparts through “August 14” is unequivocally profound: cherish and love your mother. He urges listeners to hold in esteem their maternal connections and celebrate the influential role that mothers play in shaping our lives, echoing his own encounter of losing his mother at a tender age.

Visualizing Emotion The anticipation extends beyond the single’s release. Dreadrock has also alluded to an upcoming music video, poised to breathe a visual dimension into this heartfelt composition. The video is set to animate the song’s emotions, gifting fans a potent visual representation of the artist’s expedition.

Dreadrock’s “August 14” will be accessible across all major streaming platforms. To indulge in this stirring single, visit https://vyd.co/August14.

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