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DJ T.Lewis (@DJTLewis) - "Don't Sleep" EP

DJ T.Lewis, a skilled and influential DJ and Producer hailing from Jackson, Mississippi but now based in Atlanta, is set to captivate music enthusiasts with his latest project titled "Don't Sleep." As the official DJ for the iconic Lil Wayne, DJ T.Lewis brings his exceptional talent to the forefront in this 10-track offering. "Don't Sleep" not only showcases DJ T.Lewis's exceptional production prowess but also his knack for curating an impressive lineup of collaborators. The project boasts an array of talents, both from Jackson, Mississippi, and Atlanta. Among the noteworthy artists featured are Shad Da God, Skull-E, Coke Bumaye, YDN, and several others, contributing to the project's dynamic and diverse sound. Highlighting the project are the singles "Massaging The Money" and "Wolverine," which offer listeners a taste of the innovative and captivating sonic journey that DJ T.Lewis has crafted. With a blend of Mississippi and Atlanta influences, the project promises to be a musical tapestry that transcends geographical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary music scene. "Don't Sleep" is a testament to DJ T.Lewis's ability to seamlessly bridge musical worlds and deliver an unforgettable listening experience.
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