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Q. Can You Tell Us About Your Musical Journey And How You First Got Interested In Music?

Wow, It's Been Some Interesting Ride. It All Started Back In 2000 When I Was Still In Junior College And I Wanted To Write My First Song As In Lyrics. It Wasn't Bad But It Wasn't Good Either. Then There Was A Casting For An Author To Start Writing Songs For A Dance Artist And This Introduced Me To The World Of Dance Music. I Loved It And It Broadened My Horizon. So I Have To Say That I Started My Career Writing Songs For Other Singers.

Q. Your Lyrics Often Touch On Personal Experiences And Emotions, How Do You Balance Being Vulnerable With Your Audience While Maintaining Privacy In Your Personal Life?

True. My Life Has Always Been A Public One With My  Transitioning To Becoming A Full Woman. Writing About Your Emotions And Personal Stuff Can Be Intriguing And Exciting Without Giving Too Much Away. Sometimes A Song Can Take You Places That Verbal Speaking Can't, So Yes I Like My Music To Be Personal. One - You Feel It More, Second It Can Relate To Other People Too.

Q. Can You Walk Us Through Your Creative Process When Writing And Producing A New Song? Your Music Often Explores Themes Of Empowerment And Self-love, How Do You Hope To Inspire Your Listeners With Your Message?

Oh Yes, When Producing A Song Or Creating An Album It's Such An Amazing Process That One Has To Experience. I Always Get Excited As You Get To Think About The Direction And Theme For The Music, The Photoshoots, The Music Videos, The Performances And Much More. As Pointed By You, My Music Is All About Empowerment And Self-love And That Is Important In Life As It Symbolizes Growth.

Q. Can You Talk To Us About Any Upcoming  Collaborations Or Projects You Have In The Works?

Yes We Recently Launched My Malta Eurovision Song Contest Entry For This Year "Lura Qatt" As A Single And We'll Soon Commence Working On Its Music Video. A Collaboration With An Upcoming Dj Will Be Launched Very Soon.  Also... I'm Working On My 7th Studio Album Dropping Early Next Year, So Watch Out For 2024.

Q. Your Live Performances Are Known For Their Energy And Charisma, How Do You Prepare For A Show And Connect With Your Audience?

Obviously Planning The Performance Can Put A Lot Of Pressure When It Comes To Selecting The Outfits, Whether You'll Have Dancers Or Not, Learning The Choreography, A Lot Of Vocal Training Etc Etc. It's a whole process of discipline and commitment that an Artist has to embrace in order to put an amazing show. After having performed, the feeling is like "Oh I wish I could do it all over again :)".

Q. With So Much Success In Your Career, What Is One Piece Of Advice You Would Give To Young Artists Pursuing A Career In Music?

My One Piece Of Advise Is To  Believe In Yourself And Your Product And Enjoy Every Second. If You Do Not Believe In Your Music, Your Fans Won't Either. Another Piece Of Advise Is No Matter What Happens In Your Career, It Is Fundamental To Keep On Moving Forward And Never Backwards.

Q. Who Are Your Biggest Musical Influences, And How Have They Shaped 
Your Sound And Style?

Oh They're Are Plenty. I Think Two Of The Most Influential Artists That Helped Me In My Direction And Artistry Are Rihanna And Lady Gaga. They Are Fearless And Unique, Not Mentioning Their Music Which Is Out Of This World. Both Of These Artists Have Got The Best Iconic Music Videos That Inspire Me A Lot When It Comes To Creating A Song Or Else Planning A Performance.

Q. Tell Us About Your Album I.m.pride. What Inspired You To Create An Album Centered Around Lgbtq+ Themes, And How Did You Approach The Creative Process For This Project? And What Challenges Did You Face In Bringing This Album To Life, And How Did You Overcome Them?

I.m.pride Was A Fun Album That Consists Of Empowering Songs For The Lgbtq+. From Being Bullied Hence The Song "Metamorphosis" To Living The Life You've Always Wanted And Shining Bright Hence The Songs "Glitter" And  "Diamond". The Idea Came About Last Year When I Was  Shooting My Campaign I.m trans Movement And Preparing To  Perform During Malta Pride 2022. I Decided To Gift My Lgbtq+ Fans A New Record.

Q. How Do You Think Music Can Help Promote Awareness And Acceptance Of Lgbtq+ Issues, And Why Is It  Important To Have Representation In The Music Industry?

Absolutely. Music Is Such A Powerful Language In Itself That Can Motivate A Person And Pick Him Or Her Up When Feeling Down. We Always Get Super Charged When We Hear Our Favourite Song. My Purpose In The Music Industry Is To Always Be Real In What I Do. I Don't Want To Put Out Sad Music. It Is Not In My Stride. I Always Make Sure That I Transmit What I'm Feeling To My Audience In Order To Tease, Motivate And Make Them Smile.

Q. How Do You Think Your Music And Message Will Be Received By Audiences Outside Of The Lgbtq+ Community, And Why Is It Important To Reach Those Audiences As Well?

Case In Point My Malta Eurovision Entry For This Year "Lura Qatt". It Is A Very Personal Song That Talks About My Transitioning. It Was And Is Still Loved Not Only By My Community But Also The People In General. When A Song Is Good, Irrespective If It Is Lgbtq+ Or Not, People Will Relate To It In Some Way Or Another.

Q. First Of All Congratulations On The Release Of  Season 2 Of "The Real World Of The Clintess" How Has The Response Been So Far? And How Did You Come Up With The Concept For The Show, And What Made You Decide To Document Your Life In This Way?

Thank You So Much, Yes Super Excited Now That Season 3 Will Be Airing This Spring. The Idea For Having A Reality Show Came About In 2020 When I Started Something With My Fans Spending A Day With Me. I Have To Say That My Life Is Quite Interesting That I Wanted To Capture Each Moment And Share It With The Public. From Highs To Lows, Sadness To Happiness, My Show Is A Mirror Of What Goes On In My Life. Special Thanks To My Manager Taz Gardner (Mt Media House) Who Is The Director And Producer Of The Show.

Q. How Has Your Life Changed Since The First Season Of The Show, And How Has That Influenced The Direction Of Season 2?

My Life Changed A Lot With People Recognizing Me More And Mentioning The Show. Obviously It Brought As Well The Dark Side Like When You Get To Know Someone, At First They Only See The Reality Star Not The Human Being. But It Comes With The Package And I Have To Embrace It.

Q. With The Launch Of I'm model Agency, You Will Be Casting Male Models For Future Campaigns And Shoots. What Qualities Are You Looking For In Potential Models, And How Can Interested Individuals Apply?

Yes, I Love Meeting And Casting Male Models That Accompany Me On Shoots Or Campaigns. I Am Always On The Lookout For Hot Models, Not Necessary Professional, But Who Have The Looks And The Ambition To Produce Hot Photos. One Can Apply By Sending Us Their Own Headshots And Full Photos To Info@clintess.biz.

Q. Finally Any Message To Our Readers And To Your Fans?

First And Foremost, Thank You For This Opportunity. A Big Thank You Goes To My Manager Taz For Everything He Does For Me. Lastly But Not Least, For My Fans Who Support Me All The Way And Are Always Intrigued And Excited With What's Happening In My Life. To More Growth Together!



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