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New Music: Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions – Revoked | @AngelSessions @itsjustDella


New Music: Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions – Revoked

Mother and daughter link up to give us a smash hit record called "Revoked." Angel Sessions and Shardella Sessions are by far two of the most creative people you will ever come across within the music industry. The songs provoke emotion and it always has a message for people to walk away with. Not a lot of artists are taking the time to create music on that type of level. 

Angel Sessions, who is the mother, had this to say about working with her daughter Shardella Sessions.

 "I've always loved singing with my daughter Shardella because her voice is so unique and her writing abilities are impeccable! We both wrote this song in 15 minutes and without knowing what my daughter was writing, after I had finished my lyrics, she and I both had the same concept! We think alike when it comes to our writing. I am excited about this record because it's a mother-and-daughter team, and we are doing it today like no other."

This record is fire and you are not going to want to stop listening to it after the first time. You can tell these women put their heart, mind and souls into this record for you to enjoy. Click the link below to listen right now.  

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