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Supa ChuLi (@Big_Supachuli) - "Dear Bestfriend"

TTG signed rapper Supa ChuLi releases his new single “Dear Bestfriend.” With this single Supa ChuLi lives up to the fanfare and hysteria surrounding his charismatic personality that has fans and media alike gravitating towards his energy and sound. “Dear Best Friend is my first single on the TTG and the song is about couples out here that like to be secrets to the rest of the world and their friends. So out and about when they're in public, around other friends who don't know, they'll play it cool like best friends. But behind closed doors they’re secret lovers, they just want to keep people out of their business,” Supa ChuLi explained. A self-described “emotional melodic trapstar,” Supa ChuLi humorously compares his style to the unknown character in the Japanese video game Tekken. “I'm an artist that can fit in or stand out as far as like, I don't know if you're familiar with a video game named Tekken. Basically, it's an unknown player up there. He knows everybody's style, but I feel like that's me, like, without being like a copycat, you feel me? But like, I could fit in or I could stand out. So I’m really, I really can say like, I'm an emotional artist. I'm an emotional melodic trap star man,” Supa ChuLi said. "People like, oh yeah, he's turnt might be too turnt. Nah, I'm just regular. It's just that when it's that time to activate, that's when I activate. Other than that, I'm chill. I don't even really talk like that. For real, for real.” And while Supa ChuLi is known for his charismatic style while performing on stage and in music videos, he candidly says that he is somewhat “anti-social” when it comes to everyday life off camera. “Crazy thing is, man, that's just me, man. Like this ain't like no act, you know? I get along with everybody, you know, everybody gravitates towards me, but I consider myself sorta kind of anti-social, honestly. I don't talk to everybody. I'm really like a homebody unless I'm out and about, ya dig? I just try to stay out the way, man, but as far as on camera, the charisma, everybody has seen me jumping and getting hyped. It's because of the music, man. I love music. I feel like without music, the world will be obliterated. Like, it would be nothing.” Raised in a house where his family was always singing, rapping and playing music from the R&B greats like Earth, Wind and Fire to BET Freestyle Fridays, Supa ChuLi fell in love with music at an early age but it wasn’t until later in life that began to take his God-given talents and abilities more seriously. “My dad and my mom always played music around the house, my dad's a music junkie. He never did music himself, but he could sing like he could sing his tail off. He and my late-uncle used to sing and stuff, and I just fell in love with that,” Supa ChuLi said. “What really got me was the Freestyle Fridays that BET used to do. My cousins and them, you know, we would be all outside in a big circle. I used to beatbox before I knew I could rap, I just watched them rap, they were pretty good at it. Then, you know, fast forward to middle school, I started playing around with it, and next thing you know, boom. Okay, I can rap.” From there Supa ChuLi continued to develop his style making music until he was ultimately signed to TTG Records along with his labelmate Baby Cheef. “My label is amazing man. Independent, the fastest rising, the greatest in my eyes, the greatest independent label ever. TTG you feel me? Trained. To. Go. It speaks for itself. Trained To Go. We are ready for any and everything and we’re going to leave our mark on this game man.”
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