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Who is Benny the Jet?

The University of Iowa was ranked as the #17 party school in the nation in 2022. So, what does that mean for Iowa City Iowa artist Benny the Jet? Take full advantage.

Benny the Jet has garnered a mass following being able to use the popularity of the college to his advantage. His high energy performances and club/rap/pop artistry is appealing to young students which have in returned allowed him to headline his own shows and events which have gained popularity throughout his early career.

Only in his early 20’s his brand and style has drawn the attention of his peers, while also allowing his brand to expand into Arizona with popular independent artist Futuristic and also with independent artist Lex Bratcher. He has gained respect in the independent music world by also setting himself up as a total brand having launched his own podcast “In the Cockpit” and also sets to release his first EP this 2023 year.

As a biracial, adopted kid, his musical inspiration came from his family. Building and guiding his curiosity of entertainment he decided to pursue a career in music. The decision has paid off as his future looks bright in bringing the world to know Benny the Jet.

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