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New Music: Angel Sessions – Called (Chosen) | @AngelSessions


New Music: Angel Sessions – Called (Chosen)

Angel Sessions has given us awesome music over the years of her career. Records that are both touching and fun which is hard to get from one artist. Her style and her flow is very unique. Her sound is so amazing that she can make you cry and laugh all in the same record. 

With all of that said, Angel Sessions has just dropped a gospel record called Called (Chosen) and it is making some serious noise. It has already gone number one in all of Christian music and is number 5 movers and shakers, which says a lot. 

Angel Sessions was chosen to give us a great record that is not just a gospel song but an anthem for the world to play over and over and over again. The EP will be dropping on March 10th and that will be a treat for sure, But for now, let's enjoy Called (Chosen) by clicking the link below.

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