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Breaking News: Miami Music Artist SENCITY Signs With Antonio "AB" Brown, Owner of CAB Records


Everyone’s been talking about the life of the party in Miami….SENCITY! Sen is known for his lavish lifestyle, socialite presence, business endeavors, and love for music. Recently, he has been spotted at some of the most hard-to-get-into hot spots in the city such as, Booby Trap, Vendome, Mr. Jones, and Sway! It all started with a dream and fearlessness. SEN moved to Miami, Florida with the intention to begin a new life filled with possibilities. 

Key word….INTENTION!

With his positive vibes, impeccable work ethic, and the drive to succeed as a music artist, SEN initiated his networking skills and quickly built his name in Miami. The city is well known for its diversity, which SEN has utilized to his advantage. With his eclectic music abilities, Sen develops music of all genres to ensure his reach extends beyond the typical audience. 

Since his presence is well know throughout Miami now, SEN got to work on a new single titled, “PABLO”. Throughout the creative process, Sencity had the opportunity to meet with Antonio “AB” Brown. It appears that SEN is always at the right place at the right time! The two have since discovered the commonalities between each other such as, their love for music and business. 

Due to AB’s experience within the industry, SENCITY considers him a mentor and influence in both his personal life and career. Following the release of “PABLO,” every speaker within every club has been blaring the song! It’s a hit and the fans are loving it!

When discussing the new track, SEN explained the meaning behind the lyrics. He expressed his desire to display two routes his life has taken; one as a gifted musician who yearns to evolve into a household name and one who thrives as an entrepreneur in pursuit of the continuance of his family empire. 

With his mind set on success and fortune, SEN has left audiences in awe at a variety of shows and festivals including Rolling Loud LA with headliners such as Travis Scott, Booby Trap Miami, and the one and only AB! Following the success of the show and undeniable dedication of SEN, AB announced he would be signing SENCITY as his first artist to CAB Records. Fans could be seen displaying their love and excitement for SEN on social media due to the breaking news!

Since the announcement, Sen has been diligently working in the studio to bring new releases to his fans and plans to accelerate even further in his career during the upcoming months. Be sure to follow SENCITY and AB on social media to enjoy their progress within the industry.

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