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New Video: King Flamma – Shawty


New Video: King Flamma – Shawty

King Flamma is an independent artist with a huge backstory. Many ask
about his name and what he does and King Flamma said, “King Flamma is
a direct descendent of King Wraagbai Flammai also known as King George
Flamma of the House of Sadio in the Flamma Kingdom in Zooday, that
resides under the ancestral Mountain Karn-tro-kpoor in Rivercess,

King Flamma later explained, “The name ‘WRAAGBAI’
interpreted means the ‘WAR DRUM’, the instrument that tells the people
to assemble. King Wraagbai Flamma was given the name King George after
King George III of England who abolished slavery in England in 1807
because of his successful fight against slavery in Rivercess. Flamma
now uses the modicum in his music career of “King Flamma” deriving
from his family tribal roots.” 

King Flamma truly believes in and brings his roots from Africa into his music. He has recorded a full album under his name titled “KANSAS CITY GEORGE” featuring lots of bangers and others like Shawty, Trap God, and Trenches. 

He has dropped  many tapes and worked with lots of other artists. The album is planned to release this Spring of 2023, and he promised videos from the album
will begin releasing February 2023, leading to the album. He has been
independently doing everything himself from albums to videos and
getting marketing. He plans to become one of the best independent
artists and labels in the world. Go watch King Flamma - Shawty
official music video.

King Flamma
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