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Rorshax - "Bars Behind Bars" EP

RORSHAX is a hip-hop enigma. He is a lyrical doomsday scenario NASA scientists and religious prophets failed to foresee. Every track he records is an onslaught of hard bars and punchlines. There is no mercy. May God help us all. Something is not right with this dude. He needs to be studied, and so do his lyrics. What we do know is he is mixed race (German mother, Pakistani father). And him being raised in a multicultural environment could be why his approach to music seems to blur together different styles. He loves America, served in the US Army for 14 years (five years Active, nineyears Reserve) and worked in Federal Prisons as a Correctional Officer for almost six years. He is extremely impulsive, and quit his federal job with great pay and benefits to record rap music even though he had no experience. Rorshax ran out of the gate and into the studio like a rabid dog. His introduction to the world of Hip-Hop with his first EP titled Bars Behind Bars, includes six tracks, over 490 bars, and features by M-Eighty and Canibus. On the track titled Why’d You Do That, A&R Extraordinaire M-Eighty rips through twenty-four bars coming at the throats of established billionaires, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, as well as all his haters.He is followed by a very clever verse from Rorshaxacknowledging M-Eighty took a huge gamble dealing with him. The Final Test featuring Canibus is the first time Canibus ever recorded a 100 bar verse for a feature. And is followed by another 100 bar verse from Rorshax, totaling 200 bars from US Army Veterans for a 9 minute 24 second rap epic. Every track on Bars Behind Bars has Rorshax lashing out at the world over topics such as the need to execute sex offenders, the Afghanistan disaster (Rorshax served in Afghanistan in 2017), and even his disappointment with the Fast and Furious franchise. As angry as he is with the world, it's abundantly obvious he loves to rhyme, and demonstrates an amazing skill of syllable compounds and lyrical endurance. Rorshax is still writing and recording music, and if he keeps ripping through tracks the way he does, he will be cemented as an all time great.
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