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Real Smokesta "Out The Hood" (Single & Album)


Texas-based rapper Real Smokesta announces the release of his new album 'Out The Hood' available now on all platforms. The lead single, also titled "Out The Hood" is produced by Enphorcer and dedicated to Young Dolph. 

Real Smokesta is known for his thought-provoking, pot-stirring content. However in "Out The Hood" he delivers a much-needed message for Hip Hop, that Young Dolph would co-sign. Over soulful keys heightened by knocking bass and drums, Real Smokesta lyrically paints a canvas of what the hood looks like, feels like, and how the hood impacts mentally and emotionally. The catchy hook suggests if you're able to leave the shadows of the hood behind, don't ever turn back. 

“I fell in love with Hip Hop because somebody said something that was outside of the box. It was different from what everyone else was rapping about that changed my whole perspective in a positive way.” - Real Smokesta





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