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International Music Magazine Exclusive: Apostle Joshua Muchena


International Music Magazine Exclusive: Apostle Joshua Muchena

1: Apostle good to have you with us. For those who don’t know, Where are you from? What was it like growing up there?

-Im from zimbabwe from a city called chitungwiza  though growing up in that  place was not easy I must say it is the challenges, pressure that made me who iam today. The place teaches you to discover who you really are if you have any hope of getting out of there  

2: Being an Apostle comes with much responsibility. Did you always feel you were meant to be a leader? 

-At a young age in 2000  I became a scripture union leader at our school  and 2005 I became youth pastor for Tabernacle of grace church international. In 2012 I founded faith empowerment christian centre it is this roles that taught me responsibilities and how to put others above myself  so to answer your question I didn’t just feel I knew I was born to be a leader 

3: Did you grow up in the church? When did you realize this was Gods calling for your life? 

-I was born in a catholic family all I know is church I got born again in 1998 but it is in 2005 I experienced God and had a vision of my calling and assignment from God all my life I have always felt im called to bring Hope and build character through the un compromised word of God 

4: Social media has shown the world many Differnt views on what church is. Many have tainted images on pastors & church. Would you say it’s been harder to communicate with the community ? 

-To a larger extent I would say social media contrary to peoples beliefs is a tool that works better to equip and push the agenda of the kingdom  thereby making it easier to reach and communicate with the community 

5: What has been your most notable moment or experience in the church?

-seeing peoples life change and archiving there God given purposes that brings me so much joy 

6: During COVID many fellowships were forced to shut down. How has it been since re opening? 

Re opening was never that hard coz we never closed  even though the doors of the church were closed physically we were able to reach out to the community and give those that were affected through our R.O.A.G(  reach out and give) ministry  so opening up was not that hard. And also becoz of the gift of social media. We were able to reach out  which made re opening less painfall 

7: Whats next for apostle Joshua Muchena?

Whats next depopulate hell and populate heaven reach out areas that don’t have the privilege to receive good news  taking care of the less privileged both spiritually ,physically and emotionally 

8: Many people have this idea that Men of Christ don’t have fun & enjoy life. Tell us 3 things you enjoy doing when outside of church.


-traveling different places

-watching movies 

9: Where can people find you online ? iG/twitter?

Youtube. Joshua muchena

Facebook. Apostle joshua muchena

Instagram bishop_joshuamuchena

10: As 2022 is coming to an end, tell us 1 thing your looking forward to in 2023

Maximising every opportunity and being intentional about every decision

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