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Devious One "Forbidden Fruit" Remix x Joey Violin the Third Scar x DJ R DUB L


Esteemed, award-winning Hip Hop artist Devious One announces the upcoming remix to "Forbidden Fruit." The remix is produced by Joey Violin the Third Scar and features cuts by DJ R DUB L and comes after the album version and Swann Flu Music Remix (watch the video below.) 

The remix is brewing with controversy brought front and center by Devious One's cut-throat bars. He holds back no punches calling out puppeteering governments, laws, and presidents. His harsh vocal deliverance flows over classical violin sounds and gritty bass. 

"Forbidden Fruit" is not for conformists or those who yes sir every corrupt leader or unjust laws. Rather the record is for those who are impassioned to enter the lion's den alongside Devious One.

Pre-Order “Forbidden Fruit” Remix and connect below with Devious One.

Forbidden Fruit REMIX by Devious One f. DJ R Dub L (hypeddit.com)

Watch the video for “Forbidden Fruit” Swann Flu Music Remix

Connect with Devious One https://linktr.ee/DeviousOne


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