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Q. Where are you from? And introduce yourself.
My name is “giovani”. I am a new found christian latin urban artist originally from puerto rico. I was previously known as “gio el futuro” and was fortunate enough to create a successful career by doing what I love, making music! I’ve recently converted my music to fully worship and praise god! While still keeping my original latin urban style, but faith filling content, I’m just striving to challenge himself and see no limits to where god can take my musical abilities.

Q. What first got you into music?
Music has always been a part of my life. My dad used to sing with any local salsa bands he could get in with. Sometimes, he would even start a brand new band himself. I can still remember waking up on saturday mornings to hits from gilberto santa rosa, el gran combo, victor manuelle, and many more salsa giants.  This was how weekends started growing up with my parents. At a very young age, I started to just fall in love with the same type of music they were listening to.

My dad was in the military, so we were always moving a lot around the united states. By the time I was a teenager, I started to also fall in love with hip hop and rnb because it was always around me.Then what felt like the boom of reggaeton started to become popular and was quickly migrating to the us from puerto rico. My parents both got me into music, but my environment influenced my sound.

Q. Who inspired you to Make music?
I wish the answer to this was “my youth pastor” or someone at my church. The truth is, while I’m 100% a christian artist now, I didn’t solidify my relationship with god until 2014. I didn’t really “grow up” in the church. I am unashamed to admit, growing up our family went to church on occasion. You know, we just went to the “important stuff” – easter, christmas service, somebody at the church was getting married, etc.

I remember even going to sunday school at times. Unfortunately, although we were attending, I speak for my entire family (because we’ve talked about it) when I say that none of us had any kind of relationship with god at that time. We were simply going along with the motions. After high school, I moved out of my parent’s place and went to college. I knew there was a god, just didn’t feel the need to build that relationship. Not until 2014, where I truly encounter who jesus was and what jesus meant to me. 

I was finally saved. But like any relationship, it takes time. I was later baptized, and still didn’t feel like I was seeking  Relationship with him.  I started my music career in 2015, because my brother 

Actually dared me to. I was singing with our family salsa band at the time and I was putting out little covers here and there of songs I liked listening to. Once things started picking up, I remember having a conversation with god and specifically telling him “lord, take care of everything around me.

My lady, my family, my school, my house, everything… but let me have my music.” in my head, my music just wasn’t “worthy” enough for him, therefore I should be praying for him to bless me when it came to that part of my life. I swear right after that, the enemy (I don’t like saying his name haha) started making my career take off, quick! There was a time where I was booked almost every weekend to perform, my social media presence was growing, I had some award nominations under my belt, had some really dope conversations with some very important people that were interested in what I had to offer, I was going up. But, the better my career was going, the more I felt like I was losing my family.

I was so busy, extremely busy. I couldn’t even see what was happening at home, because I was so focused on the music. At that time I was married and had already had my 2 boys. I was losing precious time with all of them and didn’t even realize it. Summer of 2019, I was up for 4 latin music awards. One of them being best latin urban artist. 

 All the way up to that, I started to realize all the signs that god was trying to give me. Without going into every single detail, I realized that he gave me the gift to begin with, and I’m using it for self-gain and self-destruction at the same time! It just didn’t make sense to me anymore. I didn’t want to make music anymore for people.

I wanted to make it to praise him, the one who gave me the gift! So, with a few record deals on the table, an award on the way, I decided to throw it all away. I went to the latin music awards and actually won best latin urban artist, but I used my acceptance speech to announce right then and there, in front of everyone that I was converting to christian music. Unexpectedly, the room filled up with cheers! I didn’t have a plan, but I knew that this felt right. So, I took some time off and then jumped right back to work with my first christian album; ‘birthday’! Been pushing ever since then!

Q. How would you describe the music that you typically create?
Latin urban vibes, just with a dope message behind it. Dope music you can easily play around your kids, parents, and everything in between without feeling weird about it. If I don’t feel like I can’t turn up to it, I don’t put it out. I still need that sauce! Lol.

Q. What is your creative Process like?
Now a days, it’s simple. I feel like studio session are like church. I’ve always liked to record alone, but now that’s me and god’s time. Once I have a beat that I instantly catch a vibe too, I start putting melodies together then say what’s on my heart and/or turn to the word for guidance on the message I want to put out.

Q. What is your creative Process like?
In the secular world, I’ve opened up for tekashi 69, arcangel, cosculluela, gente de zona, lary over, el taiger, jacob forever, el micha, and more. Nothing against those artist, but as an opener I never felt appreciated by the main act or anyone in their camp for that matter. Now that I’m a christian artist, I think it would be dope to see what’s it like to open for some of my favorite latin urban christian/christian hip hop artists like alex zurdo, niko eme, jay kalyl, funky, indiomar, musiko, redimi2, lecrae, kb, indie tribe, townix – I can go on and on! Aye, maverick city – hit me up! Haha.

Q. Tell us about your Upcoming project.
G.O.D just came out and it’s starting to get a little bit of buzz. I can’t give away too much right now, but a g.O.D remix is currently being worked on and will be Featured on my next album “our father”. It’s an album where I’ll be collaborating with both christian and 

Secular artists all to praise and worship god! I’m hoping to have that out by the end of this year or beginning of next.

Q. What are your plans for the near future?
I am currently on tour! So, near future are the next set up of shows coming up. The tour is called “it’s not my tour, it’s god’s tour” and the next stop is worldfest 2022 in louisville, kentucky. I’ll also be performing at the latin music awards this year!

Q. If you could change Anything about the Industry, what would it be?
I think more collaborations with secular artist need to happen. It was the motivation for this album. As christians, we talk a lot about inclusion in the church. I think that same energy needs to be applied to the christian music genres. As long as it’s all praising and worshipping our god, we should all be working together.

Q. What music are you Pushing right now? Where can readers find you and your music?
You can listen to my latest single “g.O.D”And listen to my previous album “trust”, which is up for best album of the year for the latin music awards this year.

Q. Any message to our readers and to your fans?
Yes, first; jesus loves you! And second; we’re all sinners. Don’t let anyone tell you different. We’re all in this together. God bless you!

GIOVANI (@giovani.music) • Instagram photos and videos

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