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  1. Q. Where are you from? and introduce your self.

    I’m from Miami-Dade county I go by da name Lito I’m an independent artist by da name of Trap Gawd Lito im da founder and creator of T.W.O which is my brand Were we create merch for both woman & man I’m a business owner father and a big homie to a lot of people form my section and communities all across da states and islands I have many different hobbies and a few small businesses that I have started up on my own.

  2. Q. Is it difficult to be a rapper?

    Being rapper comes wit a lot first in foremost a lot of sacrifice a lot of hate & envy a lot of sleepless nights a lot of ruined relationships a lot of negativity a lot of work a lot of dedication a lot of time and most of all a lot of MONEY it can also make you a target at times it plays with your mental not knowing if all your grind (music) is even being acknowledged or appreciated it can get discouraging at times but you have to know in your heart who you are and and wats your worth you have to love yourself enough to pursue your dreams and cash out on all your hard work love yourself enough to know you deserve it all.

  3. Q. Who are you inspired by?

    Me personally I’m inspired by da underdawgs by da have nots I’m inspired by da ones who neva gave up who came out da same struggle I did and turn da tables around by da ones who stood on wat Dey believed in and continued da fight da journey da mission Dey set out to accomplish no matter wat da world threw at dem Dey jus kept on going turning losses to lessons by da yo gotti’s by da lil baby’s by da jay z’s by da Gucci man’s by da Kodak Black’s by da future’s or da rick Ross’s who Neva got no break for da first 12 years of der career da ones who didn’t let up regardless of age circumstances or financial problems.

  4. Q. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music.

    Rite now I’m pushing singles I dnt have a project coming out even tho I have projects already completed. So rite now I’m jus creating a buzz thru singles and wen I feel I have enough traction I will move forward wit a EP but as of now
    ‘Birds Dnt Fly’ is my latest single you can find it on Apple Music iTunes sound cloud and the video is out on YouTube under my channel MVP TV also you can stay updated wit all upcoming releases thru my social media IG account Trap_Gawd_Lito.

  5. Q. What makes you different from a lot of artist?

    My story is definitely one dat separates me from everyone else and is definitely one to be heard who I am and who I became in da streets of south Florida and across da states speak for itself and the type of things I rap about is not your average watered dwn lyrics dat your use to wen I speak you can feel da real you can feel da authenticity da details I break it dwn to will let you know dat I kno exactly wat I’m talking bout I been der and one dat done all of dat ‘No Rap Cap’.

  6. Q. Tell us about your upcoming project.

    Well I dnt have a upcoming project I jus have upcoming singles which I jus released one in July
    ‘Birds Dnt Fly’ and it caught a lot of eyes and ears from major A-list celebrities and now I’m getn ready to release another single called “2Pac Flow” which I wrote and shot da video while I was in 2pac’s old neighborhood of Oakland California dis record Is actually one of my favorites.

  7. Q. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?

    Mmmm ... I have a lot of accomplishments dat mean a lot to me more so then it would prolly mean to you but let’s start off by taking a trip to London to be featured on Tim Westwood’s tv to being acknowledged by Rick Ross and him sharing my video on his own social media platform to recording and buildn relationships with some of my favorite artist I listened to growing up like pretty rickys own pleasure P to a new favorite like mozzy and also a unreleased record with one of da goat’s Jadakiss and my close friend Gunplay I have a few more but those are probably my top accomplishments I can think of at dis time.

  8. Q. Any message to your fans?

    Yes ... I kno y’all rooting for me I kno y’all been waitn and I appreciate that but jus stay tuned be patient I have been workn and got a lot of music and videos on the way I jus need y’all to remember and keep in mind I AM AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST NO LABEL NO DEALS NO INVESTORS NO SUPPORT FROM ANY MAJOR MUSIC PLATFORMS, SORCES OR ENTITIES NO SORT OF INCOME FROM MUSIC NO FREE STUDIOS NOR PRODUCERS SO WITH DAT BEING SAID I AM A ONE MAN TEAM WHO HANDLES EVERYTHING ON MY OWN AND AT THE END OF THE DAY ITS YOU GUYS THAT KEEPS ME GOING WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH!
    Thanks for da support you’ll see me soon 💯 yours truly TrapGawdLito 👑🦍

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