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Ahmad McCown Debuts "Ahmad Is My Name" Single


Independent artist on the rise, Ahmad McCown announces the release of his single titled “Ahmad Is My Name.” The single is driven by a catchy backdrop and infectious vibes. It’s evident after listening to the song that Ahmad’s passion is not only to create music but to create memories as well for audiences and listeners.

“Ahmad Is My Name” opens the doors to who Ahmad is and what he stands for as an artist and as a man. The song is uplifting with encouraging reminders to close doors on negativity and be grateful to see each day. Ahmad’s vocals depict his God-given gift and encompass what he wants and where he’s going, which is walking down the aisle of greatness.

Music is Ahmad’s calling and “Ahmad Is My Name” is sure to spread joy across the world. Stream the single and connect with Ahmad McCown below.


Connect with Ahmad McCown

Facebook: @amccown90

Instagram: @ahmad_mccown90

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