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Rising Pop Star Whitney Nicole Prepares For Unveiling of EP, "A Fine Line"


For many music artists, it takes a while to find their niche. However, rising star, Whitney Nicole, has quickly found her zone within the music world. Growing up, she yearned to be in the spotlight as a famous pop star. It appears that she has gotten closer to reaching her goals within the last 3 years. 

Following the painful loss of her grandmother, Whitney poured her heart out and utilized music as her sanctuary. In 2020, she unveiled her debut single, “Die For You” on Halloween, her favorite holiday. Shortly after the release, Whitney Nicole soon realized that her music not only assisted in her healing process….but her listeners and supporters also. Regardless of the pressure the music business brings, Whitney has always stayed true to herself, portraying her openness and vulnerability with fellow artists, executives, and fans.

After collaborating with a variety of artists and producers such as Drawzilla, Montez MickensSaint Wave, Stirling, BigMars, Lou-Is, to name a few, Whitney Nicole has revealed the title of her upcoming EP, “A Fine Line” which includes five mesmerizing tracks. The lead single to launch this phenomenal project will be “Black Lilac” which drops in just three days…August 18th

The EP will drop one day later on August 19th and Whitney Nicole’s supporters can be seen displaying their excitement on social media! When asked what her favorite song from her project is, Whitney explained, “It’s so hard for me to choose because I love them all! If I have to choose, I would say “Stay” because it is the most vulnerable for me and every time I hear it, it brings out the same feelings I experienced when I wrote it. That is special to me.” "A Fine Line" was produced by Joshua Chan; blessing the project with his keen ear and talents. 

With most music albums, there is a theme and/or message the artist plans to portray. Whitney Nicole describes what she wants her fans to take from the project, “No matter how painful the heartbreak may feel, you are not alone. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. You are strong and can get through any challenge life throws at you. Find what calms and grounds you and keep elevating.” 

Whitney Nicole has developed a strong and tightly knitted team and they have been working diligently to provide her fans with the ultimate experience. Whitney’s brand new website allows her fans to sign up for membership which will allow her to expand her reach and build a rapport with her listeners. 

To ensure her success, Whitney Nicole has remained consistent since the beginning of her journey and it has not gone unnoticed! With “A Fine Line” coming to you on the 19th and visuals to follow, be sure to engage with Whitney Nicole on social media, subscribe to her YouTube channel, and become a member on her website! 








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