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Get Money Ovaall aka Out4More - EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Get Money Ovaall aka Out4More Exclusive Interview

1.Where are you from? and introduce your self. 
  1. My name is Get Money Ovaall aka Out4More Lucas. I’m from Chicago but I live in Los Angeles now.

  2. 2. Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

    It’s difficult finding time to make music while running several other businesses. Being a rapper is natural. Telling stories and taking shit is everyday life.

  3. 3 .Who are you inspired by? 

    Everybody. From your your hottest artist to the homeless guy on the street. Life inspires me.

  4. 4. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

    I’m currently finishing up a project called Las Vegas. It’s my first release in years, so I’m excited to finally share my thoughts and feelings with the world. You can find my past releases on YouTube, reverbnation, & SoundCloud.

  5. 5. What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

    My drive and determination with the business side. I get to the money. The music speaks for itself.

  6. 6. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

    I’m dropping an EP titled “Las Vegas” in September. The exact release date will be announced soon on my social media.

  7. 7. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

    There is no single biggest accomplishment I’ve done so much from Getting booked and paid to perform in Downtown Miami, FL 2 years in a row, booking, promoting and headlining my own concerts in my hometown Chicago, putting out my own self funded magazine a gracing the cover 2 times, being featured on local television and radio shows just to name a few.

  8. 8. Any message to your fans? 
    I love y’all. I wish y’all all the same success, peace, good health, wealth, money and all good that I’m continuously blessed with everyday and even more.


    Go run up my music, watch my videos and follow me on Social media.

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