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New Music: Dobey Dobe - Filthy | @DobeyDobe


New Music: Dobey Dobe - Filthy 

These days, there is a lot of talent within and right outside the industry. Making his transit from the outside is the very well-versed Dobey Dobe. He is making a statement yet-again with his newest single “Filthy”

Nothing short of a banger, this song is guaranteed to get you on your feet. This is the type of song you’ll hear around people on the move, working out, and maybe even recording the next viral dance!

A lot of artists nowadays have great talent and will do really well within music, based on the way the game of the independent artist is set up. You really don't need a label to make a full time income and live happily off your music and own your masters.  

But there are very few artists that will change the game, rock the core of the music industry to the point where people's minds will be blown and they will not look at music the same again. Dobey Dobe is one of the artists holding  the potential to become one of the greats to ever touch the mic. 

With that being said, go ahead and press play on the record that will motivate you to get in motion. Surely, you'll have this contagious anthem on repeat. Click the link below to listen right now.

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