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New Video: Lord Waya – Stop Playin’ Wit Me | @LordWaya


New Video: Lord Waya – Stop Playin’ Wit Me

Lord Waya is an American Rapper from Rochester NY. Waya has been doing music for 5 years and loves to entertain and put on a show for the fans and supporters. As an artist Waya goal is to give his fans and supporters confidence and to let them know that they can do anything they put their minds to and not to listen to those who try and shoot down their goals or dreams and to keep striving and prospering. Waya means “wolf” in Cherokee Indian and he sees himself as royalty that’s when the Lord comes in. Waya also calls himself a Lord because his hometown where he was born and raised had a NBA team which whom they were called the Rochester Royals and they also won a NBA championship! Lord Waya looks up to artists like Easy E, Soulja boy and A$AP Rocky they all bring a different style and flavor to the rap game and that’s what Waya wants to be remembered as an icon and someone who influences others to keep going with what they love to do.

You can find Lord Waya on streaming platforms and social media
platforms. Join the Kingdom !!!

Stop Playin Wit Me is out now on all streaming platforms. It's a hit for sure !! Tap in and stop playin wit me !!!
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