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New Music: Flykilangelo - Price Tag | @Flykilangelo


New Music: Flykilangelo - Price Tag

Flykilangelo is coming with that fire and the industry may not be ready for it. The born in Brooklyn rapper now lives in Huntsville, Alabama and is looking to put the city on the map in a good way. 

Flykilangelo is living that life and wants everyone to know it. The independent heavy spitter has a flow that is super unique and really brings favor to the music that he creates. 

Click Here To Watch The Video For Price Tag:

Rappers a lot of the time, try to play like they are bout that "Dropping Bags Life" but Flykilangelo shows you how to do it in such a fine fashion. People say that they have not heard a rapper make spending money sound so good before hearing Flykilangelo.

With all that being said, the name of the new single is "Price Tag" and its a banger for real. Click the Spotify link below to stream right here right now:


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